Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Profoundness got away....Part I ?

Well, here we are. I swore to myself - nope, not me.

I won't be putting stuff out there for the whole world to read.
What am I, some kind of soul exhibitionist?
But then: I love reading.
I love writing.
Why should I not?
Why the hell should I not tell the world out there that I don't really care for Pere Ubu?
Never did.
Everyone I ask either doesn't know Pere Ubu or loves them.
Or him?
Or whatever.
I read all this drivel from others.
Up to 6 billion folks out there with something to say.
All of 'em deserve the same attention.
Whether that's the president of these United States of Amerika (it should be spelled with a k, it just loocs cooler, asc any German).
Or some kid in a rice field in Myanmar (and yes, they should just call it gets me all turned around geographically if they call it something that sounds like a chewy candy).

The world is finally ready for me.

I think.

Wonder if Obama cares for Pere Ubu.


  1. I tried to comment from my Phone the other day and it wouldn't work. This is great!! Can I put a link to your blog from my blog?

  2. kommentier oder lamentier? tiefsinn oder tiefsee? was für ein tier lebt in der tiefe der worte? ein tiefssepillhuhn?